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Updated on April 10, 2018

Titusvillage Section 1 Protective Association, Inc

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When you have a question about Titusvillage Section 1, you can reference the Questions and Answers below or alternatively type in your query to our Search Engine which is on the left side of every page. The answer to your query will be hyper-linked to the appropriate reference for you.  Visit our Contact Us tab and The Board Tab for contact information for our management company, Collins Realty Group, Inc.. and our Board Of Directors.

Q and A: Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What day is the regular trash picked up?

A: Regular trash is picked up on Tuesday.  Check the City website (solid waste) for holiday pickup changes.

Q: What day is the recycling container picked up?

A: Recycling is picked up every other week, also on Tuesday.  Check the City website (solid waste) for holiday pickup changes.

Q:  When do the lawns get cut and the common areas trimmed?

A:  Tuesday, April 10, 2018  New Landscapers - Donaldson & Company has been hired effective April 6, 2017. They will be on property every Thursday through October 31, 2017.  Then, every other week from  November 1, 2017 through March 31, 2018.  (Always weather permitting.)
Collins Realty Group, Inc.

Q:  What’s the deal with bug and pest control?

A: Pest Control – Prolawn has been retained to do Eco Barrier pest control twice per year, cost is $860 2
times per year. Lawn care pest control done $801 for the year done quarterly. They will come back
for recall that will be done on the last Friday of the month only if needed.



Q: What is the quarterly Association assessment dollar  amount?

A:  The Association assessment amount is currently $125.00 quarterly. This can be paid annually ($500.00) if you prefer and also by pre-authorized check.

Q: What are the rules for lawn sprinkling?

A:  The current rules flyer has been posted to our Documents Tab. (updated November 3, 2016).

Q: What do I do if I’m having trouble paying my quarterly HOA assessment?

A:  Contact our property management company, Collins Realty Group, Inc. (Dennis and Karen Collins) to explain your circumstances and possibly work out a payment plan. Failure to make the quarterly assessments runs the risk of you incurring legal fees that could worsen your situation.

Q: Is it true there is now a property management company assisting the elected Board of Directors?

A:  Yes, and it’s the Collins Realty Group, Inc. You can read the letter they sent to our owners on Feb 3, 2015 here (PDF download). See our What’s New and Documents tabs for additional information on our upcoming BOD meeting and the document’s associated with it.

Q:  When does the Board of Directors meet?

A: The Board meets quarterly at the Collins Realty offices generally on the 4th Tuesday of the month at 7pm.   For the remainder of 2018, meetings are scheduled for June 26th, September 4th and November 27th.

A reminder and confirmed  time will be published on this web site, and also on a sign at the intersection of Heritage Drive and Park Ave entering our village. All Titusvillage Section One owners are welcome to attend these meetings. Additionally, you can follow us on Facebook and you’ll receive meeting notice updates.


Q:  Can we pay our Quarterly assessment by pre-authorized check? New effective April 1, 2016

A:  Yes, as of the April 2016 Quarterly Assessment you can now pay by pre-authorized check through an arrangement we’ve made with Sunrise Bank. Click here for the sign-up packet.


[Titusvillage Section 1 Protective Association.] [FAQ] [What's NEW] [Contact Us] [The Board] [Newsletter.] [Documents] [Photos] [Around us] [Disclaimer]