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Updated on April 10, 2018

Titusvillage Section 1 Protective Association, Inc

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Around us……

Our community of 88 townhouses is very central to many of the places you’ll be going to in Titusville. Located just off a major North-South artery (S. Park Ave) near the intersection of Harrison Street (a major East-West artery) you’ll find it’s only a few minutes’ drive to the places you most frequent, such as grocery stores, shopping and downtown attractions such as theater.  It’s less than a half mile to the Y (easy walking or biking distance!) and there is a bike-jogging path from the Y to the Apollo Elementary School, the “round trip” distance on that path being a nice three miles. There is a great dog park at the Titusville Marina complex with areas for small and large dogs to let them run freely and the breeze coming in off the Indian River keeps it pretty cool down there.  Listed below are a few links to some of the local Titusville facilities and attractions that add greatly to the wonderful quality of life here at Titusvillage. The links will open in their own browser window.

Titusville Library

Titusville YMCA Family Center

Titusville City Home Page

Titusville Playhouse

15 Things To Do In Titusville

Parrish Medical Center

Brevard County Official Website



[Titusvillage Section 1 Protective Association.] [FAQ] [What's NEW] [Contact Us] [The Board] [Newsletter.] [Documents] [Photos] [Around us] [Disclaimer]